This Thursday join the Studio Museum for a panel discussion featuring Naima J. Keith and Zoe Whitley, co-curators of “The Shadows Took Shape,” Alondra Nelson, Professor of Sociology and Gender Studies at Columbia University and Paul D. Miller as they discuss the scope of how Afrofuturism is understood today, from the novels of Samuel Delany and Nalo Hopkinson and Sun Ra’s film “Space is the Place” (1974) to blogs such as The AfroFuturist Affair and the stylings of recording artist Janelle Monáe. 

In 1998, Alondra Nelson created, the pioneering LISTSERV dedicated to facilitating discussions around theories of Afrofuturism, its aesthetic qualities and the politics therein. Soon after, she invited Paul D. Miller aka DJ Spooky, That Subliminal Kid as the first guest moderator. In 2002, she was commissioned to edit an issue of Social Text dedicated to Afrofuturism, igniting an academic interest in science-fiction and fantasy literature and art of the African Diaspora. 

Get your tickets today!

Image: John Akomfrah, Memory Room 451 (video stills), 1997


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