Artist in Residence Spotlight: Jennifer Packer

Things in Themselves presents the work of Steffani JemisonJennifer Packer and Cullen Washington Jr., the 2012–13 artists in residence at The Studio Museum in Harlem. Whether exploring fragile and delicate materials, developing a deeper understanding of painting or intuitively networking found materials and objects, the artists share a deep investment in the processes and techniques of making art.

Jennifer Packer is a representational painter deeply engaged with the history of her medium. For Packer, painting is a very personal process; she creates portraits of friends, her immediate surroundings and, at times, herself. In addition to portraits, Packer’s works in this exhibition include paintings and drawings of utilitarian objects found in the artists-in-residence studios and around the Studio Museum building. 

On Thursday, July 18, Join the Studio Museum for a night with 2012-13 artists-in-residence Steffani Jemison, Jennifer Packer, and Cullen Washington, Jr. in conversation with curator Lauren Haynes. 

Ticket info

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